How to be a Doll-Lover on a Budget: Accessories

I love the Krazy Coupon Lady!  If you want to save money and you haven’t checked it out yet, google it.  They hunt down deals and coupons every day and post it all on their site, or you can just sign up and get it all delivered directly to your inbox.  That, by the way, is just a side note to what I am going to share today. On a YouTube video I saw, the Krazy Coupon ladies shared that the one thing people requested most from them was a way to save money on 18″ dolls and their accessories (particularly American Girl dolls). These lovely dolls are a big investment and are just not within the budget if you are financially limited. What they had to say about it is that, unfortunately, there are no offers, deals or coupons to be found for them. If you have an interest in this matter, then you have definitely come to the right place. Just like everything, there is a way to get the 18″ dolls YOU need and the accessories THEY need for peanuts or for the price you can afford.  I have so many suggestions on this topic it will take many posts to cover it, but today I will share how to get doll accessories for less.
If your timing is right, you can get doll accessories on clearance at any store that sells the dolls (more on this in another post).  You just have to go in wearing blinders and go straight to the clearance section.  You can also buy  “doll accessories” for a dollar at the dollar store or Target, and even cheaper (many times) at the thrift store. Bear in mind, these items are not being marketed and sold as “doll accessories.” I am talking about things that have a different use, i.e. air fresheners, pencil holders, etc.  (Check out my YouTube video to get a better idea of what I’m talking about).  My advice is, always be on the lookout, keeping in mind the proportion of the doll you’re shopping for.  For years I’ve been finding miniatures for fifty cents or a quarter even, at my local thrift stores. There are just a ton of accessories to be found for 18 inch dolls because folks love miniatures (I think it’s in our DNA). Collectors usually display these cute little miniatures in curios and china closets but for a doll lover they are pure gold!  They are just so realistic and perfectly sized and (did I mention?) CHEAP!!
There is yet another (EVEN CHEAPER) way to get accessories for dolls and that is to MAKE THEM.  There are plenty of YouTubers making doll accessories, many of them by up-cycling packaging materials, so they come out SUPER cheap or FREE – myfroggystuff is one such YouTube channel (one of our favorites 🙂 .
Stay tuned for more ideas and video tutorials on how to get your dolls what they need for less!

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